Sliping a stitch as to knit but then what?

I am making a baby blanket. Seems easy enough. First of each row Says to slip first stitch as to knit. So I do that but when I get to that stitch in next row how do I knit that slipped stitch. The stitch that I slipped is now kind of just wrapped around needle and I can’t knit it. What am I doing wrong? TIA

Slipping is just moving the stitch from one needle to the other with the needle inserted as if you were going to knit it, the yarn should be in back. Then when you come to it on the next row, just knit it - the yarn shouldn’t be wrapped around it in any way.

Yes, just knit normally. You do t want to untwist it.

The orientation of the knit stitch is changed on the needle when you slip as if to knit, but you still should be able to knit into it on the next row. Here’s avideothat shows you how to slip in case that might help.