Slip stitches

The first part of my pattern I’m working on says “CO 60sts onto one size 7 circular needle”. I did that…now it says “Slip 30sts onto the other size 7 circular needle. Join to knit in the round”. Now how do I do that…do I make slip knots onto the other needle because I’m not sure what a regular slip stitch is by itself in knitting…I’m new to it. Thanks…

Welcome to Knitting Help!
In this case you want to slip the stitches from one needle to the empty needle as if to purl. No slip knots required.
Hold the needle with the stitches in your left hand and slip the stitches to to empty needle held in your right hand just as you would purl sts. Don’t actually purl the sts, just let them slide from left to right needle. Here’s a videothat may help with the circular knitting on two needles.