Slip stitches

I have a couple of knitting books and some say when the instructions don’t tell you which way to do a slip stitch you should do it purlwise and others say to do it knitwise. Which way do you do slip stitches.


It depends… :wink: When it’s part of a decrease (ssk, or skp) you slip knitwise. Any other time you slip purlwise unless the pattern tells you specifically to slip kwise.

Thanks Sue. Whenever I’ve done slip stitches, the instructions said which way to do them. I wanted to know if they don’t tell you, how should they be done because I wasn’t sure. thanks


Why can’t they just say that? I’ve been doing the purlwise unless otherwise indicated but I never thought about the fact that it might make a difference if I am decreasing! I REALLY wish pattern writers could add a few extra notes for newbies!!!

It’s how the st gets oriented. When you slip pwise, then on the next row, it’s just like a regular st; if you slip kwise, it’ll be twisted on the next row. But you don’t work a slip st in a dec on the next row, if you slip pwise it twists it on the row you’re on.

GENERALLY the rule is:

Working it ([B]K[/B])now? slip ([B]K[/B])nit

Working the (slipped from)[B]P[/B]revious row? slip [B]P[/B]url

SSK (slip, slip and Knit (now) slip knit wise

slip one (and in next row use this [B]P[/B]reviously slipped stitch somehow? slip it[B] p[/B]url wise.

you can make up your own memory aide (above is the one that works for me!)