Slip stitch

What does sl 1 mean. Have to do this every 15 purl stitches. I think (not sure) I am suppose to slip stitch from left needle to right needle, then purl next stitch on left needle to right needle then slip the stitch in front of purl stitch over purl stitch off right needle. Is this correct?:knitting:

If all it says is to sl 1, all you do is move one stitch from the left needle to the right needle without working it. You usually slip that stitch by inserting the right needle into the stitch as though to purl, then slip it to the right needle. If it is a part of a group of instructions that make a dec then you usually slip as if to knit. From what you said you just slip and that’s it.

Thank you. Since all I do is slip, does this give more stitches on the right needle. I guess what I am asking is what is the purpose of a slip stitch.:knitting:

The slip stitch is not an increase. It doesn’t change the stitch number at all. As for why, I’m not sure. It may be some part of a little pattern you will have going.

It if says something more than P15, sl 1; then repeat that, tell us what else it says.

No, it doesn’t say any thing else. Thanks so much for your help.