Slip stitch suicide

I’m about to shove a knitting needle through my ear. This seems like a ridiculously basic quandary, but it’s making me insane. Whenever I try to slip the first stitch at the beginning of a row, it somehow adds a stitch to the sum, resulting in a freakish v-shaped scarf.

If the recipient were a triangle, this might be okay, but it’s for my mom. If anything she’s kind of pear shaped.

I’m sure there’s an embarrassingly simple solution. I’m just too dense to figure it out alone. Anyone able to let me in on the secret?

Thanks so much!


awww Mark it isn’t worth that…besides, at the very least you would mess up your yarn and needles! :wink:

Check out this thread…hopefully it will answer your questions. My best suggestion would be to count stitches every row until you are sure you have it down. and if it is just a stitch or two that you are increasing by accident i would just knit two stitches together to get back down to the right count rather than frogging them!

First of all…what stitch are you doing? If you are knitting, are you slipping with the yarn in front? If you are and you are not moving the yarn to the back again you WILL be adding a YO which is an increase. I suspect this might be what is going on.

I alway slip as if to purl with the yarn in back.

Hope this helps!