Slip stitch selvedge

Hello fellow knitters. I found this forum after using several of the videos on the webiste. I’m hoping someone can help me!

I am making tulip toes booties for my daugher who will be born in about three weeks. Here is a link to the pattern:

I have actually emailed the designer of this pattern a couple of times, but she is not really able to help me. For the chain-like selvedge, she suggests slipping the first stitch in each knit row knit-wise, knitting to the end, and purling the last stitch of that row. After turning the work, she says to slip the first stitch of the purl row purlwise, purl to the end, then knit the last stitch of the row.

This was not working for me for a variety of reasons, so I did some searching on this website and found this link:

Everything is turning out much better except for one thing: The chain-like stitches at the beginning of each purl row are three-wide, and the same stitches at the end of each purl row (or beginning of each knit row) are two-wide.

I’m attaching some pictures so you can better see what I mean. Thank you in advance for your help!

I may be wrong–it’s hard to tell since you see the purl side on each picture, but I think you have one side of the final knit stitch on there with your edging. It would be the one farthest on the right.