Slip stitch purl wise

I’m just a beginner, and am working on an afghan which calls for slip stitch and cables. I thought I was doing the sl st correctly, but the afghan now has horizontal loose pieces of yarn, instead of crossover stitches shown in the picture. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong? I looked at the video on this site, and I’m sure that’s what I’m doing, but the end result doesn’t look right. Thanks…

How does the stitch sequence read? Are you supposed to slip sts to a cable needle, knit the sts on the left needle, then knit the sts from the other needle? That’s how most cables are done.

Sue, the sl st comes before the actual cable. The pattern reads:" P5 K5 P5 slip 1P2 K4 P2 slip 1"

Well, then, that’s not part of the actual cable. It sound like the slip sts will frame it sort of. I bet you do the cable on the k4 sts in the middle of that sequence. If it looks goofy when you do the cable, they usually improve after you have a few more rows. If you still think it’s wrong, posting a picture could help.

She did say slip st and cables, not sl st cables… are you saying that you get a small short horizontal line in front of your stitch? Like a dash - ?

If so, you are probably sliiping with the wool on the right side, you should be slipping with the wool on the wrong side, behind the stitch.

If its something different, can you post a picture?