Slip stitch - purl-wise vs knit-wise on sock video/instructi

Amy - I’m confused :? Would you enlighten me on something please??

I ordered your CD and am knitting the baby/toddler sock pattern included in the CD.

Directions for the slip stitches in the gusset (after the heel is turned) say that all slip stitches are done purl-wise. See the very top part of the instructions.

In your video of making the same sock, it appears that you slip off knit-wise.

My question is - does it matter which slip-style I use?
Should I just choose (knit-wise or purl-wise) and just keep it consistent?

BTW, FABULOUS :smiley: CD-ROM and instructions. It was a great idea to make the videos and make them available to the public. What a wonderful “ministry”.


I’m not Amy, but here’s my 2cents… :slight_smile:

I think it does make a difference in the way the sts lies depending on the pattern. I’m working on an afghan pattern that calls for a st to be slipped purlwise. I tried slipping knitwise out of curiosity. While the knitwise slip didn’t look like an “error”, it did look different. I would just slip the way the pattern notes.

HappIE Knitting!

Hi Laura,

I probably did it my own way, instead of the instructions. Generally follow the instructions, of course! But for your info, here’s the “rule” on how to slip, generally:

If it doesn’t specify, slip it purlwise, UNLESS it’s a decrease, then slip it knit-wise.

This is what Vogue Knitting says, and I’ve found the rule to be a great one.

I’m also in the habit of slipping the first stitch at the beginning of any row. I slip purlwise on the purl rows, and knitwise on the knit rows. I’m sure you could do it differently with fine results, but I read once that this is a good way, and I like it, so now it’s habit. :slight_smile:


thank you very much. The sock-knitting video alone is worth the cost of the CD-ROM.

Can’t wait for the DVD version to come out.