Slip Stitch pattern help

I just got to the slip stitch part and I’m confused. I’m sure it is super simple, but because I’m a newbie I can’t seem to get it.
I’d appreciate any help you could give. :slight_smile:

Maybe I need to clarify what I don’t understand. I think this might be right.

I need to knit 2 then I keep the yarn in front of my work and slip 2 onto my other needle like I am purling, then I knit 2. So basically I am skipping 2.

Ok if I have that right my question is how does this affect the circumfrence of my hat? Am I losing stitches every time I do this? I guess this is the reason I’m not sure that I have it right.:knitting:

No you still have those sts on the needle, you’re not decreasing them. Just keep the yarn loose that you have in front of the sts so it doesn’t tighten up. That doesn’t mean loopy, just don’t pull it tight when you knit the next 2.