Slip-stitch panel & helix stripes together?

Hi, I’m looking for advice on whether this technique will work. I’m making a hat in the round that has a cabled slip-stitch colourwork panel on a background of 2-1 row stripes- 2 MC stripes, one CC stripe, started after doing the ribbing in MC. Based on the reading I’ve done already, it seems the best way to do these stripes joglessly is the helix striping method… But I’m having trouble visualising if that method will interfere with the panel work…
Any info you have about making this work would be MUCH appreciated! It really is a gorgeous pattern, I’m very excited about it.

Sounds interesting. Can you give us a link to the hat pattern or even to a photo of it?

Of course! it’s (free pattern)

Very nice.
I agree that the helix stripe is the best way to get narrow jogless stripes. It seems to me that you’ll have several bobbins with your colors on them for the design in addition to the stripes but, if you’re patient, it should work. You might try a simple swatch in the round with stripes and a block of solid color just to test it out. You could use the method for swatch knit flat to mimic in the round.

Sorry, I’m a little confused by your reply… So I could try to keep the yarn used for the panel separate from the main rows, instead of using the current working yarn? Also, I’ve made flat round swatches before, but how would I test helix striping that way?

For the panel, won’t you need both colors, MC and CC? If you’re working a stripe with one color on that needle, how will you have the other color available?
You’re right, the helix won’t easily work for the swatch or at least it’ll be too messy. You’d have to treat the needle for the swatch as one of your dpns with both stripe colors available. I would have to try it myself to be sure.

the panel’s done entirely with slipping stitches, you’re only ever using one colour per row within it. the part i’m having trouble visualising is how to ensure the helix stripes line up properly with the colour you need to have active for each row of the panel - wouldnt the spiralling nature of that method interfere?

I agree, that’s basically where I’m not sure either. One way is to give it a try for a few rows. You could work a small number of sts without the ribbing to test it out in the round.

Yeah, I’m thinking testing it is really the only way to do it at this point. Thanks so much for your help!