Slip stitch (k or p)

So I’m starting on a heel flap of sock. It says sl1, k1 across, next row sl1, p1 across. I’ve looked at entire pattern and it doesn’t say to slip as k or p. I Googled and mostly say slip purlwise but did see some dissenters with this. What should I do?

Ok I didn’t write that very well, R1 * sl1, k1, repeat from * across row. R2 sl1, purl across. Anyway in the meantime I did what the general consensus was ( sl purlwise). Cause when I did it knitwise, the stitch twists.

That’s it exactly and for just that reason. The general rule is slip purlwise unless it’s a decrease. For decreases, slip knitwise.
This makes a very pretty heel flap.

Thanks. I have added this to my list of general rules that I keep in a digital folder. There are so many little hints or nuggets of information I’ve received or happened upon, that I won’t be able to remember them all, so I kept a little cheat sheet.

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