"slip stitch in position as you work"

I am knitting a border for a sweater. Instructions say “slip stitch in position as you work.” I am knitting it as a separate piece. Can I attach it with a slip stitch? Totally confused!


I’ve never heard of that before. Can you tell us the pattern name and post a link please? Or give us a few lines of the pattern and what you are making and where you are?

Thanks for your quick response. The pattern is from Rowan’s Nordic Tweed catalogue – the “Edna” sweater. I bought the catalogue and yarn 3 years ago,and have been working on it off and on ever since. I had hoped to finish it this summer. The last steps are the left front and right front borders, which are cable panels using double yarn. There is a 24-row pattern. Instructions say: "Continue in pattern until left front border fits along left front edge and across to centre back neck ending with RS facing for next row, slip stitch in position as you work. Cast off in patt."
I think the mistake I made was in not realizing I should be attaching the cable panel with a slip stitch) as I knit it. I hope I can attach it by hand, I really don’t want to rip it out and start over! But when I do the right side, I would like to do it “right.”

You can seam this as you knit to help figure out how long the band should be. So knit several rows, seam about the first half of them and keep going in this way, knitting a bit, seaming a bit.
I take it to mean a sewn slip stitch:

unless your pattern defines slip stitch differently.