Slip Stich knitting anyone?

I got this book out of the library called Slip Stich Knitting and some of the patterns are lovely. (See phhotos) The thing is I don’t the directions.

Here’s the first page. Can you see it?

Nahh you can’t. OK what it says is “slip stich patterns are defined by the interaction of light and dark stiches with one another” OK whatever. Then she says “they are created by working a sequence of two rows of a light color followed by two rows of a dark color in a series of knitted and slipped stiches” So I’m thinking when do I knit and when do I purl and when do I slip? So she says the formula is this " the stiches in the (lets say) the light color are knitted or purled and the dark colors are are slipped" Well what the begebus does that mean? Are you slipping onthe wrong side (I would guess) and how is this a technique? I just don’t get it. :??

those are beautiful…that’s another technique on my list that I want to work with!! MY GOODNESS…I think we can learn something new about knitting every day for who knows how long :shock: !! There’s soooo very much that I want to learn and so very much that I have to do now…LOL :wink:

I’ve done something similar. Have you tried following one of the patterns just to see? It might be easier if it’s right in front of you.

What’s your main question?

Actually, I did read it. I think you slip/knit based on what you want it to look like. So if you knit the darks and slip the lights, you purl the darks and slip the lights on the back. On the next row, I’m not so sure. I’d have to read it again.

I’d probably just try it and see what happens.