Slip Rib Pattern

I’m currently working this row:
Establish Pat St: Row 1 (RS): K to first marker, work Row 1 of Sl St Rib Pat to last marker, k to end.

The Sl St pattern is as such:
SLIP RIB PATTERN (Multiple of 5 sts + 2)
Row 1 (RS): * P2, k1, sl 1, k1, rep from * across, end p2.
Row 2: Purl.
Rep these 2 rows for Sl Rib Pat

My problem is that the Sl St pattern works in mutilple of 5 sts +2 the current row between the marker that i should work on is only 44 sts. So now I have 4 sts left and don’t know how to proceed.

Which size are you making? Did you do all the increases from the previous row? I think the minimum number of stitches between markers is 57 which is a multiple of 5+2.

I’m not sure where you are in the pattern but the first instructions I see for the slip st rib are for the back:
"P14(18-23-27-32-36), place marker, p44(46-44-46-44-46), [I]increasing 13(11-13-11-13-11) sts as evenly spaced across as possible[/I], place marker, p to end - 85(93-103-111-121-129) sts."
So if you have 44sts you would increase 13 to give you 57 which is a multiple of 5 +2. If you have 46sts you’ll increase 11st to again give you 57sts which is a multiple of 5 + 2

You don’t start the slip st pattern until after you’ve increased. Though it doesn’t say if the increasing is across the entire row or only between the markers.

It looks like 14sts, marker, 44sts+13sts, marker, 14sts.
85sts total
You’re right, they’re not very clear about the second marker.

I misread and did not do the correct increases. Thanks for the help.