Slip first stitch on scarf as to knit

I am suppose to slip the first stitch as to knit on a scarf to give it a nice edge…when I come to the last stitch do i slip that as to knit too??? thank you for replying

No, just the first on each row. So that last one one each row that you knit or purl will be slipped when you turn your work to start the next row. It makes the edge a little firmer. So just slip the first stitch on each row and you’ll see how nice it is.


thank you so much for your help…now i can start the scarf!!

I just realized the pattern…she told me to sllip the first st as to knit and purl the next 3 sts…so last 4 sts are purls…so why did she tell me to slip as to knit the first stitch?? actually the first 4 stitches are really purls but she wanted me to slip the 1st as to knit for a better edge…???