Slip first stitch as if to knit

What does this mean? It’s part of the instructions for the “Big Net Oversized Scarf” found on this site.


Slipping the first st of a row gives you a nice neat edge. You just transfer the first st of the row by inserting the needle from the left side and onto the R hand needle without “working” it.

Hey I didn’t know that! How cool! Thanks Kelly!

Thanks Kelly…I am sure I will have plenty more questions in the future.

Very handy to know!! Thanks. :thumbsup:

I always pay attention to the “as if” part. When it says slip as if to knit, that means to put the right needle into the left hand loop like you are going to knit it, but just slip it over instead. As if to purl, you poke into the loop like you’re purling and slip it over. Caveat: often it does not matter which way you slip, but sometimes it does, so I make sure to follow directions as written.

On my baby kimonos, I noticed that SAITK gave the edge a prettier look. When I messed up a couple rows and SAITP, the look was not as neat.


I was looking at the Big net oversized scarf/stole patterns and I want to try and knit that too, but it seems like the link for the instructions no longer exists. I hope you can help me out, if you have a copy of the instructions/know them? I will be very very grateful!