Slip first st. as if to k?

Here’s a portion of the pattern I’m wanting to knit:

Cast on 15 stitches.
Slip first st. as if to k, k across row. Repeat this row until 5 " from beg.
Shaping: Row # 1: slip first st. as if to k, increase by knitting in front and back of next “2” sts, k across to last 3 sts, increase as before in next 2 sts, k 1.
Row # 2: Slip first st. as if to k , k across row.

I’m unclear what it means by slip first stitch as if to knit. So, does that mean I don’t knit it? Picture me confused. :??

I assume that means slip the stitch knit-wise. So you slip the needle in like you’re going to knit it but instead just slip it over to the right needle. I think Amy has a video on the abbreviations page.

You slip the stitch from your left needle to your right without knitting it. “As if to knit” means to put your right needle into the stitch just like you would if you were going to knit (from the left of the stitch), but instead of knitting it just slip it off the left needle to the right needle. This twists the stitch as you’re slipping to the right needle – as opposed to slipping as if to purl which would be to insert the needle from the right and just moving the stitch over.

Hope this helps.

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