Slip every 1st sts

I came across a tutorial and I noticed that she slip on every 1st sts. Is that good to on every project? and why?


Sometimes knitters do that to have a more decorative edge. But it’s not necessary for every project! I only do that when a pattern specifically tells me to.


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I do it most of the time i find it to help when i am going to be sewing the pieces together.


Knitter’s choice. I’m opposite trisha54 and don’t like slipped stitches if I’m going to seam. So, you just have to figure out what you like.

Agree I flip back and forth depending on my mood


I prefer the look of slipping the first stitch, to me it gives a more finished look.

I find it also helps when making a color change.

It’s a personal preference and you’ll find what you like.

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It is the same way some people prefer english to continental knitting. It is a matter of preference.