Slip edge stitches with yarn in front or back?

I always forget - for a scarf with garter stitch edges do you slip the first stitch purlwise with yarn in front or with yarn in back to get a nice edge?

I slip with yarn in front and then knit the last stitch.

I’ve heard you can knit the first and slip the last with yarn in back then when you turn you move to the back to continue. Seems easier, but I’ve not tried it.

Thanks, Jan! I watched Amy’s video demo of a small project and she was slipping the stitch knitwise with the yarn in back. But when I tried that, it did what I didn’t want - made those little knots along the side. I wanted the nice stretched out V’s. I think purlwise with the yarn in front is the way to get those, but I forget since I don’t often make scarves. :slight_smile:

Yep, if you want no knot then slip with the yarn in front. :thumbsup: