Slip as if to purl...?


I luv my Knitters Pride interchangeable set. Found that the black cord is the most flexible; more than the colored cords that came with the interchangeable set! I’ve ordered just the black cords on Amazon to go with my Knitters Pride set. In a 16" and a 40ish inch which is awesome for magic loop!!


That’s an interesting idea!! I never thought to order different cords…I’ll have to go and look for that! Thanks!


YES, Amazon! Type in Knitter’s Pride interchangeable and you can find cords sold separately!! I got the 49" in black and 8" in yellow. And that black cable is soo great for magic loop!


The slip stitches are to give your top down heel flap socks a nice line for when you pick up the stitches. Then you rejoin and knit a around and around with a bunch of decreases. I’m lazy and it’s too much work.! Haha. My favorite is Priscilla Wild’s short row heels on Youtube.