Slip as if to purl...?


I’m learning to knit two at a time socks from the Melissa Morgan-Oakes book and I’m at the heel flap. She is having me slip as if to purl one then K one.

My question: when I slip the sts, do I bring the working yarn in front of the stitch and then behind for the knit? I’m attaching two photos…one from each practice sock. (She has you knit them from different colors to keep them straight at first)

Thanks! I feel as if this is wrong but there isn’t a good pic to check my work.

Ordinarily, when you slip as if to purl the yarn is in the back unless the pattern says otherwise. Here’s a video for a slip stitch sock heel from Liat Gat who has a series of sock videos that may be helpful.

Good for you for learning two-at-a-time socks!

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Thanks so much! I thought that was wrong, I should have thought to look for a video! I just never think of that! Too old I guess!

I truly appreciate your help!


Glad to help. If you hadn’t posted we wouldn’t have known what you were up to. Two-at-a-time is very impressive!

It actually makes me feel better to hear you say that. It’s HARD. And I’ve knit socks before but it was a long time ago…but still…I’ve done it. This is awkward. I’m sure I’ll get it eventually because I am determined but it’s harder than I thought. And I think my needles aren’t well suited…I love my interchangeables. I have HiyaHiya’s and I love how pointy they are but the cord is stiff. I may have to get a pair of Addi’s…I think their cord is a bit more supple. Do you have a recommendation? I need a cord that is much more fluid and soft. Thoughts?

Thanks again!
Merry Christmas!

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I like Addi’s and the cord works for magic loop. @Jan_in_CA has much more experience with magic loop and can help I’m sure.
Merry Christmas to you, too!

Do you know if the bigger needles with the blue cord feels the same as the smaller gold cords? I don’t have a knitting shop here and can’t go feel them.

I don’t know how to tag Jan but maybe she chime in? Because these HiyaHiya needles are great for everything except magic loop. :joy:

I have I think the older Addi lace needles. They are gold with red cords. The blue ones are the Addi Turbo Rockets. The cords are sturdy, especially if you yank on them hard to move stitches back into the front needle. Bad habit that I have. Mine tangle and I spend a lot of time undoing them. But the Turbo Rockets are smooth, pointy, and help you knit faster. I would suggest just buy the one fixed circular you need. If you like it, then buy an interchangeable set. My current favs, thick sturdy cords and no twisting, is the Knit Pro Zing needles. Brushed aluminum with nickel tips. I’m horrible. I keep buying needles in sets, find I don’t like them, and buy something else. Don’t be like me. Only buy one to try lol.

Circulars fixed: Susan Bates a few, Addi Lace whole set, Addi Turbo a few, few Knit Pro Karbons, whole set Karbonz straights, few Knit Pro Zings, whole set Zings interchangeables. Not buying anymore. Hello, my name is Cindy and I’m a knitting needle addict.


Whoops! I have another question…I keep slipping the same sticthes over and over and over…that can’t be right! Won’t it just get tighter and tighter? I have re read the instructions over and over and it never adds a knit or purl row? Is this possible?



I read the instructions again and I’m just supposed to be knitting the flap. Not going around and around. DOOH!

So,…her instructions weren’t awesome but I was skimming so, since these are just a learning pair I’ll keep going.

This is such a learning curve!!


Hey! Welcome to the challenge of two at a time socks.
You get the same row counts and the pair is finished at the same time.
Challenge accepted! (And conquered?)

Which sock was I working on? :open_mouth:
Oh no? Did I just knit both socks with the same working yarn? (See conjoined socks? :expressionless:)
(Me) how long have I been working on them now? (5 years) but they will be worth it.

I started two at a time, toe up socks a (long) while ago. :flushed:



I’m a pretty good knitter, not great but not a beginner…and I’ve never made so many mistakes on ANYTHING. Not ever. It’s a hilarious mess.

But I’m learning a lot, right?

What needles do you prefer? Because, as I said above, the HiyaHiya’s are too stiff.

@Fatoldladyinpjs1 How flexible are the cords on the various needles that you have? I agree about buying a single to test out but which ones have the most flexible cords in your opinion?

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@Fatoldladyinpjs1 which Addi needle has the most supple cord? The Hiya’s I have have stiff cords. I have a few pair of Addis that have gold cords that would be perfect but they are the wrong size. I have read that all the addi cords are the same, the color just designates the part of the world they were manufactured but I want to make sure.


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My older Addi Lace needles are gold colored with red cords. Thicker and stiffer. The Turbo Rockets cord is light blue and thinner. They’re very flexible. I tend to tangle them. Maybe it’s just the way I knit. The Turbo Rockets are super smooth. Stitches just fly off them. They are great if you are in a hurry to knit last minute Christmas gifts. The stitches do fall off the tips occasionally because they are so smooth. I think the Rockets are one of the best needles. What I especially like about Addis and Knitters Pride is the nice smooth joins. There’s no hang ups or yarn splitting. Needle choice is individual. I think you either really love metal needles or you hate them.

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I should add that Addi Turbo interchangeable sets are a really good price right now on Amazon. The only thing I don’t get is that needle sets only seem to go up to a size 11 now and do not include a 13. Any reason for that? I’ve seen some cute chunky hat patterns but have to adapt them for smaller needles. Also they start with a size 4 which is not conducive to some sock knitting. Anybody know why? Is there a conspiracy afoot?


A picture is worth a thousand words they say.

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YES!!! I wanted to buy a set on Ebay but the sizes were just wrong for me. I need smaller because I really enjoy knitting with fingerling yarn. It was just so odd.

But, I had to buy two sets of HiyaHiya’s because they had funny sizing in the sets…so perhaps it is a conspiracy.

Thanks for the info!!

I use KnitPics interchangeables. I use two at a time to work my two at a time socks. The cord is thin and flexible. The connection to the tips is threaded but the join is smooth. I really like them.

I also use a set of Susan Bates fixed circular. Their cord is also this and flexible. I think it had or has picked up a bit more curl and bend than I like.

I also had a set of Boye circulars, fixed size. Very stiff cord. Very curved and hard for me to use.

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Brilliant thread, I wanted to knit socks;)

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