Slip 2 wyib?

I’m taking my 3rd knitting class. The project we were given is a sweater knit in the “Swiss Check” pattern. It involves using two different color yarns. I completed the ribbing with the main color last night. Now, I have to start knitting the body with the main color and the contrasting color. The Swiss Check pattern begins:
Row 1: With MC Purl (wrong side)
Row 2: With CC Slip 2 wyib, K1, slip 3 wyib
Repeat * to *, ending K1, slip 2
I can’t imagine how to slip 2 stitches with a new skein of yarn. If the new skein has not been knit onto the needle, how can I slip any stitches?

:think: I think you would slip the 2 sts with the MC held in the back…and then start the new color with the K1…

Thanks, Dustinac. I’ll try that.

I wish pattern writers would be more clear. It should not say “With CC, slip 2 wyib” if you slip 2 with the MC. It should say “With MC, slip two wyib, then K1 with CC.”