Slip 1 wyf?

My pattern starts - Slip 1 wyf, p1 - not sure what to do. Can someone explain?

Bring your yarn to the front, then slip a stitch. Since the next st is a purl, your yarn will be ready to work it. Sometimes when a first stitch is slipped and the next one is a knit, the pattern will say to slip with yarn in back.

So I’m not knitting or purling the slipped stitch, it’s just moved to the next needle?

Also, the next row starts - Slip 1, wyf, k1. So that means I’m knitting with the yarn from the front?

No, move it to the back to knit the stitch. You can’t make a knit with the yarn in front.

Ok. But just to clarify, I’m just slipping the stitch from one needle to the next, then knitting or purling the second stitch?