Slinky Socks FO

I started Slinky Socks from MagKnits for our daughter’s Easter basket…I so hope to finish :shock: I must remember not to try out a new heel or other new technique when I’m in a time crunch :shock: Okay, these socks will go along with the Pretty Petal Socks in her basket…I hope :wink:
OOPS, almost forgot…using #1 addi’s and KnitPicks’ Simple Stripes in snapdragon

What a great gift for an easter basket! What heel are you using?

:smiley: Thanks…I’m using the forethought heel :wink:

Those look wonderful so far!
Great Easter colors!!! :XX:

Looks great - you are a sock machine!

:smiley: Thanks!! One down, one to go…This sock is tight on me, but my daughter’s foot is much more narrow…which is good :wink:

Very cute! That’s an interesting pattern too–I’ll have to look at it a little more closely to see how it works!

It’s a pretty easy pattern, too, Mer…I chose to use a different heel, which slowed me down a bit bc I had never done it, but it does give the bull’s eye on the heel with striping yarn, so it was worth it I think :smiley:
Now…slinky socks are complete & ready for Shannon’s Easter basket.