Slightly OT - funny story

So yesterday my DH had a ‘cigar meetup’ with some guys he knows from a cigar messageboard. When he came home that evening he told me this story. They were out to eat at a local bar, when a quite attractive woman came in. Apparenltly all the guys were of course checking her out. My DH had this confession he had to make to them: “While all you guys are checking out her butt, I was sitting here admiring the cables in her sweater.” :chair: :roflhard:

When he told me this I fell over laughing!!! He jokingly said he felt like he just turned in his “man card.” :teehee: It just shows me he actually listens when I start rambling on about knitting. I have such a keeper!

:cheering: You got a smart one there!!!

That is a great story!~


What a cute story. You’ve definitely got a good guy there. :cheering:

:teehee: That’s too funny!!

:roflhard: :roflhard:

He’s, um, not using ‘cables’ as a code word, is he? :teehee:

He’s pretty smart–either he’s a good liar or he’s a good guy–either way–you’ve got a winner! :slight_smile: LOL!

That’s great!

:rofl: That would be hilarious if he did! He asked me today if I told my “knitting people” and if you guys were all laughing at him. haha I’m just so proud he’s picking up the lingo! Now I just have to get him to remember what blocking is so I don’t have to explain it for the 38478594385th time. :doh:

That’s funny! I can only imagine my DH saying something like that. Even if he WAS checking out her cables, he’d never admit it to another man.

and i think he’d only notice the cables in her sweater if she didn’t have nice… cables.


The cables weren’t on her chest, were they? :hmm: :roflhard: