Slightly discouraged :( ..any advice..?

Hello everyone!
I have attempted to knit on a handful of occasions, but have yet to successfully get past the first few steps (I know it’s silly!).

I am able to tie the slip knot, knit the cast off… and… well that’s all! Somewhere in my brain it’s not clicking with the transition from cast off to my first row.

I’ve attempted book training, and a few different videos on various approaches, but alas I am still dumbfounded.

Any advice? I am almost literally in tears over it with frustration!

*Apologies if there is already numerous post on this subject.

Cast off is when you end a piece, casting stitches [I]off[/I] the needle, so I think you mean cast [I]on[/I], getting them on the needle. After you have the loops on, put the needle with the sts into the left hand and insert the other needle into the first stitch, wrap the yarn and draw it through. There’s 1 st on the R needle; let the st on the L needle that you worked into slip off the needle. Repeat. There’s a video on the Tips page called Demo of a Small project that shows casting on, working a few rows then binding off. That may help you see all the steps as they work together. You can back up and replay sections of all the videos to see how they work.

Hang in there, you’ll get it.

Here’s a video of a “small project” from start to finish. It shows you how to cast on, knit, purl and bind off.

There are other cast ons in the video section if that one is too difficult at first. I’d recommend the knitted cast. We’ve all been new knitters ourselves and are here to help if you need it!

The videos mentioned above by Sue and Jan are great recommendtions. You might also try the video under Glossary for “knit” which goes very slowly over just the knit stitch.
Having tried it a few times, you’re ready to breakthrough to the next step. Good luck and enjoy knitting!

I WILL NOT tell you how to knit because I have NO experience but if you search videos you have two choices either you listen for old lady voices or you search kid videos,if you do kids then it tells you in the simplist way possible or if you do old ladys then you get the more experienced ladys!


The videos on this site are neither too simplistic nor advanced for new knitters. What kind of problems are you having?

My advice is try a different style. I first tried to learn to knit (what I now know as) English style, where you throw the yarn from the right. I could not grasp it AT ALL and failed to learn several times. My third or fourth attempt I found the continental videos here (“pick” from the left) and it finally all clicked!! There’s no one right way to knit, only the right way for you. Maybe you haven’t found yours yet?

ShanaHoo, you are soooo right. I left off knitting for years b/c the casting on to knit transition was a mess for me. Finally, a girlfriend said, “Have you ever tried Continental knitting?”

Me: “Huh???”

She was unable to demonstrate, being an English-only knitter, but that was the ticket! I’m now a novice knitter, and I work Continental style. The key, for my GF, was that I’m a very experienced crocheter. I crochet right-handed, which means the hook is in my right hand and the yarn feeds from my left.

So now I’m practicing a knitting style where the yarn also feeds from my left hand. Life became MUCH easier. Aaaahhhh…


You can also try your local yarn shop. They offer knitting classes. If you can’t afford them or don’t have the time to attend, you can drop in the shop any time. The proprietor will be happy to spend a few minutes with you showing you how to do it. At least, my local shop is good that way.