Slightly annoyed @ IK

I don’t subscribe to any magazines, but since I kept buying Interweave Knits off the rack, and missed it a couple times, I decided to go ahead and subscribe. I had bought the Fall issue already, and wanted to start up with the Winter 2008(2009?) issue. So I put a sticky to that effect on my “Get ONE issue free!!!” coupon, and sent it off.

Now I was puzzled when I received a copy of the Fall 2008 issue, contrary to my request, but understood that a stupid little sticky was not the best way to communicate with a large company. My bad. Now I have two copies, and maybe I’ll sell the extra on eBay in three years or something.

But now, I have yet to receive the Winter issue which has been on newstands since December 4th. In fact, I have seen it, and refrained from buying it. I am pretty annoyed. I like the magazine but the subscription side of the house has made me peeved and twitchy.

Anybody else still waiting? Is this normal for new subscribers, and I should shut my piehole?


I’ve got mine, but I think it was just about the middle of last week.

I don’t worry too much seeing it on the shelves first; for me it’s mainly knowing that it’s coming, knowing I won’t buy it twice (done that more times then I care to admit!) or worse miss buying it at all.

Go online and enter your subscription infomation. it will tell you when to expect your winter issue.

Just for the record–I’ve subscribed for about 4 years now and my issues always arrive pretty much at the same time as they go on the newsstand. However, I haven’t received my winter issue yet, so maybe they are having distribution issues?

Have you called IK about your dup magazine? I had that happen once to a fitness mag when I started subscribing and they just extended my subscription by a month to cover the dup. Worth asking – all they can say is no…

I entered my subscription online on 12/5/08 and received a confirmation email that stated the Winter issue would be mailed to me on 12/24/08. I thought it was odd taking so long to mail out the issue, but maybe they only print and mail at certain times.