Slight Problem/Simply baby

Edited because its been answered!

LOL so new question… anyone know a good substitution for Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino?
I’d like something nice but washable.

is it the cabeled coat with hood? this webstie says it is DB baby cashmerino:

or is it this one? (no hood)

also DB baby cashmerino…

how is that baby kitty you are taking care of???

I thought that was the case. :slight_smile: Thank you!!!

Now I need to find a substitution for it!!!

:frowning: I don’t have the kitty anymore. I had to turn him in to the shelter because I couldn’t find a home for him. I work 2 jobs and there was no one who could care for him while I was away all day. He needed to be bottle fed every few hours. I am sure he will be getting a good home though and the shelter employee who is fostering him had another abandoned kitten the same age so he has a littermate.

Bliss Baby Cashmerino is washable…I knit with it all the time…delicate wash/or handwash…dry flat—no dryer please
love the Bliss yarns!