Slight confusion with sleeve instructions

I need the answer… I’m aching to keep knitting!

Okay, I get what I’m supposed to do here, but I don’t know how to incorporate the new, increased stitches. (There’s a stitch pattern on the sleeve)

It says:

Cont st pat and Inc one st each edge. Working new sts in pat as they accumulate, inc one st every 10th row (1) time until you have 39 sts.

Okay, how am I supposed to just work the new sts in the pattern as they accumulate? the basic pattern is

knit one, purl 5, knit 1

…would that mean …well, say I start with one edge that has a knit one as the first stitch, and when I add the new stitch to that, would I purl the first one, and then knit the next one (like in the pattern?) and keep it going like that?

Sort of. As the sleeves increase, you’ll either knit or purl the new stitch as it fits–as if the pattern was continuing past the sleeve.

So if the first stitch was k1 and you added one it would be k1, p1. At the next increase it would be k1, p2; then k1, p3, etc, until you complete the k1,p5 pattern and you’d start with the k1 again.

hmm, well it says I only add increases twice though. And there are bobbles on the 6th row in the middle of the purled stitches…I neglected to mention that before.

Just add them as if they would fit into the pattern. It really won’t make much difference, though. You don’t see the sleeve seam all that much, and the sweater has such a variety of pattern in it, who’s going to notice a couple of stitches?

wait, I keep reading what you posted to try to comprehend it…So I would add a stitch as if looking at it, the pattern were continuing past where it was originally? like if the pattern was k1, p1,p1,p1,p1,p1,k1 …then when I added stitches on each side, it would look like p1,k1,p1,p1,p1,p1,p1,k1,p1 ?

right, right :wink: I’ll just truck along with my knitting and see how it turns out. Thanks Ingrid! I was so frustrated

For the other sizes it says to increase every 6th 8th 10th and 12th row, but I only have to increase on the 8th row 5 times, and the tenth row once…so now im confused … I wonder if i should even still do the 12th row just straight with increasing since i dont have to do an increase there. Or if I should just increase starting on the 8th row, then the 10th, and then the 8th again, but then what? do I go on to count to the tenth row again even though I dont increase there? Cause on my paper I wrote the following (I only wrote periods because it wasnt showing up right before)

8 inc…8 inc
10 inc…10
12…12…etc 3 more times

And I’ve just been crossing off as I go, while also counting my st pattern rows. Is this the right thing to do? or am I knitting too many rows?

Or does it mean that the first time I increase, I go to the 8th row after and increase again, then do the increase again on the tenth row AFTER the increase on the 8th row? and so on?

Save yourself confusion and only look at the instructions for your size.

Does it say to increase on row 8 or does it say to increase every eighth row?

If it’s every row 8, do that.

If it’s every 8th row, which I think is more likely, increase every eight rows, regardless of what number the row is. That will give you an even increase to the sleeve.

When it says 10th row once, 10 rows after the last increase, increase again.

Yeah, what she said! :wink: It sounds like in your blog you’re still confused, so to clarify…
You increase (usually one inc. at each end of sleeve, so two increases in the same row–double check your directions), then do the same paired increase again in 8 rows, then again in another 8 rows, etc., until you’ve increased 5 times total (adding 10 new stitches total). Then, 10 rows after the last increase, inc. again. Double check your directions, but that’s a pretty standard increase rate I’d say.
And yes, it sounds like you have the right idea with staying in pattern.

oh thanks guys! I didn’t want to get further along with my sleeve and have to rip out a ton, so now I think I may rip out quite a bit, but at least I’ll know what I’m doing now! And yea, it says to increase every 8th row 5 times, and every 10 rows once for my size. Thanks so much for clarifying! After much thought, I started to think that forgetting about the 12th row would make more sense…but I still wasnt completely clear. I have one more small question though…

Would the 8th row be counting the first row of increases? or just start counting the rows immediately after the last increase?

To be honest, it really won’t matter. I probably would do it on the side I prefer to increase on. If you want to increase on a knit side, for example, I’d do it on whichever is knit-8 or 9.

oh ok. Thanks! I just would hate to screw anything up lol. Everytime it’s a pattern I’ve never even remotely attempted befor, I get anal making sure I do everything right before going too far.

Thanks SO much for the help though, things are much much clearer now.

one more thing… when it listed increasing rows, it listed from longest to shortest… ie: every 12th row inc, every 10th row ince, every 8th row inc, every 6th row inc…

So…since in my case, its the 10th (one time) and the 8th ( 5 times), would I start off with the 10 rows, and THEN switch to the 8th row increases?

Do exactly what the pattern says.

If it says to increase in every eighth row 5 times and in every 10th row once, do it in that order.

You already increased once in the 10th row, right? That’s done. They won’t refer to that in the pattern instructions again.

well, I increased the first time it said to increase - the 4th row into the st pattern. Then it said to inc every 10 rows one time and then every 8 rows 5 times. So I guess that answers my question :slight_smile: Thanks