Slight confusion on what to do

Hello everyone, long time no see. :heart:
So I’ve been super busy with life, and managed to find time to knit again, with a bigger purpose. So I’ve been perusing the internet for patterns and stitches and one caught my eye; Hearts of Oak it’s called. I’m guessing there isn’t a free pattern out there, but in my searching came upon instructions for a pattern that may or may not be the same. It’s an old pattern from a booklet dated 1907 thank you internet and I’m giving it a go to see. However Round 3 starts: Make 1, knit 4, make 1, purl 1, repeat to end of round.
Skimming through the various articles, most nautical of nature, I’ve deduced that the pattern is assuming the reader knows the delicate intricacies of knitting. I, however, am still on a level between beginner and intermediate, and thus, completely lost.
Let me explain why.
I’m not knitting in the round or on dpns because I want this to be a shawl, but I’m doing a swatch, flat, to test the pattern. So I don’t want a “hole” on the ends of my work. M1A, I believe, leaves a “hole” or some such, yet all the other increases need at least one stitch done. Could I, essentially, k1, then m1 and follow the pattern as directed, perhaps even making the pattern a multiple+2 and creating a boarder?
Second question, the m1 in the pattern it does not specify m1r or m1l, but my guess is m1r when knitting comes next, and m1l when purling…is that an accurate guess? Or should I just play it safe and do a kfb in both cases?


Is your pattern anything like this?
There are also a Hearts of Oak cardigan and hat patterns on Ravelry.
I supposing your pattern is written for working in the round.
For converting, I’m not much help. Sorry.

Sure,adding a border stitch or two at each end is a fine idea and it would solve the problem of the initial increase.
You could use.m1l or m1r here without regard for the following stitch. Also try KRL or KLL which are nic increases.
I guess you would get lots of nautical references.

Thanks, I’ll give each a try and see which I like best. GumpyGramma, that is the pattern I want, but purchasing it is not an option for me right now. When I purchase patterns, I usually prefer a book so that I have many options. I have saved those on Ravelry, so if worse comes to worse I know a place I can go to get it.

Okay, so I did a few rows and it looks like a pattern for an increase only. It’s for a “helmet” or what I believe to be a hood/cowl since it has instructions for leaving an opening for the face. I’m not liking it, however, because each time I get to row 14, the M1, K#, M1, P1 leaves a gap. >.< Back to the drawing board for me, literally, since I’ll try my hand at making a pattern. So difficult to make the look I want.

Maybe a different increase would help. A Raised Increase might be a possibility.

I understand about a pattern being unaffordable. I’d love to get that one but can’t right now. When I was Googling I saw references to being in one of Barbara Walker’s books, maybe you could get a copy from the library. I need to see if it’s available for my Kindle.