Sleevless jumper/vest


ages ago i posted asking if anyone knew of a free sleevless jumper pattern that could be done in the round. someone posted back with the exact jumper i wanted for my 4 year old. it wasn’t to be done in the round, but they advised taking a few stitches out and doing in the round would solve that problem.

trouble is aol played up and ctashed loosing all my saved patters, thet one inclued.

does anyone know of a free easyish to knit sleevless for a 6 year old please?

i have googles it loads of time, but my pc skills are crap so i have found nothing any good. knowing you guys ar the expersts i was hopeing that you could help




Was it in one of these threads of yours?

BTW… you can find your own threads by clicking on your name and selecting “find more posts by” or by going to your profile page and clicking either “find all posts” of “find all thread started by” if you lose a post. You can also use the search that is below the private msg link to search the forum. I’ve had to use both of these methods on occasion when I lost a post. :wink:

oh you found it. thank you soooo much. i was devestated that i lost the pattern.

i never knew you could search old posts, willhave to remember taht as i’m always loosing patterns and forgetting stuff and re asking lol

thank you again though i have a big grin on my face hehe