Sleevless Cable Knit Dress

I really enjoyed knitting this dress. This was my first time understanding how to resize waist and hip measurements.

that’s beautiful and well done for the wais and hip shaping.

:yay: :cheering: Very Very Pretty! Love cables! :yay: :cheering: You’ve done a great job on it! Love the stitch definition and detail!

Nice job!

[B][COLOR=Blue]OMG! This is absolutely WONDERFUL! WOW! [/COLOR]

[/B]You should be very very proud of your work!!!

That is an amazing work of art. just love the cables and lattice work (I don’t know if that is the right word for the holey cables). How long did it take to knit.

Beautiful work . You should be so proud of yourself :slight_smile:

That is exquisite! What yarn and pattern did you use?

Gorgeous! :yay: I love the cables and way to go on the shaping, it looks fabulous!

:passedout: It looks wonderful! Great job

That truly is a beautiful piece of art! I’m just bowled over by the detailed work you did.

Wow, wow, wow! Lovely!!! :inlove:

WOWSA! Great job, it’s beautiful!:inlove:

Artlady, Thank you so much for your comments!

I was able to complete the dress within two weeks.

Did you manage to eat or sleep in them two weeks? LOL That’s amazing

Absolutely gorgeous!! wow!

:passedout: wow!

WOW that is just fabulous!!! totally stunned by the beauty of it. ditto on the yarn and pattern info.

That is a stunning dress!!! Very sexy.