This is in the main part of sleeve;

‘staring with a K row, work in stocking stitch, shaping sides by inc 1 st at each end of next and every foll 6th row until there are 44 sts.’

Does this mean i’m knitting my first row then on my 2nd row (which would be purl) i inc 1 at start of row and inc 1 st at the end of the row?

then i’d do k row, p row, k row, p row, k row, p row (and this p row being then 6th row do the inc at beg and end of the row?



The incs will be done on the knit rows, it’s a lot easier. So beginning with the next RS/knit row, inc at the beginning and end of that row, work 5 more, then inc on the 6th row. It’s just saying that you switch to stockinette beginning with the next row which is knit [B]and[/B] that you will also start the incs with the next row.

Yes, that’s the iway you would do the increases. If you would prefer to increase on a knit row, you could increase on that first knit row or wait until the next knit row (row 3) to start the increases.