hello! i am working on a knitted sweater for my husband, i have the torso complete and now am attempting the sleeves. this particular pattern says to P2 *(K4 P4) 16 rounds for the sleeves. Kf&b, knit to last stitch, Kf&b. THEN…it says to continue the K4, P4 rib pattern and continue to increase when available. my question is do i continue adding the increased stitch the first and last stitch of every round or throw them in at various places of the pattern? i have tried both not quite sure of what it is supposed to look like, the second example of what i did created holes. i hope you can help me! thank you for your time!

First, let me preface this by saying I have [I]never[/I] done a sleeve but I do read a lot! My thought is that you are to increase at the beg/ end, creating a “seam line”. I just glanced at EZ’s Knitting Without Tears, and her sleeve instructions have you increasing on either side of a 3 stitch underarm line, the only difference would be that your increases would be next to each other instead of separated by a few stitches.

The wording in your pattern “when available” would certainly would have me muttering some not-very-ladylike grumbles for sure!

Good luck!

Generally when increasing for a sleeve, you do them every 2-3". Maybe it means to do them every 16 rounds… that may be about right.