I’m knitting a jumper and I’ve completed the sleeves. However I have accidentally knitted the sleeves two sizes up in the pattern, e.g. I started knitting a medium size in the front and back - and then knit the sleeves for a size large and then also knitted the length for the largest sizing XXL.
Should I leave them as they are ? Or start again.

Many thanks :pray:

How do the sleeves look compared to the body? Is there much difference between the M and L? The length is relatively simple to adjust but the width might be a concern. Is this an adult or child’s pattern?
What is the name of your pattern?

I’m not too sure what I’m looking for when I look at the sleeves. The pattern is by Rowan and it’s named Cara (design and pattern by Quail Studio). P

Very nice!
If the sweater is for you and the sleeves are also knit in the round, you might slip them on and see how they feel. Ok or a bit too loose and floppy? If they’re not right, this is the time to say, “Enough!” and re-knit them. The re-knit should go quickly on such large needles. It’s a pain but it will likely be worth it in the end.

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Thank you - I’ll try and piece them together and worst case, start them again.

Salmonmac can I ask, would the size of the sleeves make a difference on the raglan sleeve here, where it needs to match up for seaming, or would it not matter on this pattern?

It depends on the difference between sizes and the construction. If the difference between the M and L sizes isn’t too much, the raglan cap is workable. Usually the sleeve seams can be eased into the back and front seams. If the yoke is knit in one piece in the round, it’s not just the sleeve that will be affected.

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