Hi I’m a new knitter and am a bit confused by this instruction.

Beg with a p row, cont in stst, inc 1 st in this way at each end of every foll 4th row until there are 60 sts

So am I actually increasing on a purl row?

Many thanks

Hmm, when it says “increase 1 st in this way”, that sounds like you have already done an increase row.

Was there an increase row just before this instruction? If so, was it on a knit (RS) or purl (WS) row?

Hi again and so grateful for your prompt reply.

With 5mm needles cast on 54 sts. Beg with a k row, cont in st st, work 2 rows
NEXT ROW; K2, inc in next st, k to last 3 sts inc in next st, k2.
Begin with a p row …

It seems like “in this way” might mean “on a knit row” then, doesn’t it. But the rest of the instructions do sound like it could be on a purl row … Sorry, I haven’t answered your question!

Usually, spaced out decreases like this would be consistent in being on either right or wrong side rows, but maybe this designer has done it differently.

I am sure someone else will chime in to decipher the next bit for you.

If your first inc row is a knit row, then the following 4th rows will be knit rows as well.
Call the first inc row, row 1 then every 4th is rows 5,9,13,17 and so on.

That said, you can usually move these increases to either a knit or purl row, one row not making much difference either way. What is the name of your pattern?

I’m knitting a square shaped jumper with a standup collar.

Sometimes it helps to see a photo. Is there a name, designer or pattern company source?

I think I have it. I continue knitting the purl row without increasing until I get to the 4th row which will be plain and increase there. What threw me was the instructions beg with a p row, cont in stst, inc 1st in this way at each end of every foll 4th row. Why didn’t they just write continue incr every 5th row until you have 60 stst. Thanks for yr help!

It is a bit confusing in the way it’s written. Just remember that you want 3 rows with no inc and the 4th row with the inc. The spacing is likely more important than the row you start out on.