I had a question last week about sleeves. I actually looked at my pattern again, and it just needs to be modified a bit. The pattern makes bell shaped sleeves, but I would like it to have a bit more structure. The pattern I am making is Indian Blue Sweater dress. It indicates that the cast on for the sleeve is 75 stitches, knit 135 rows, then increase by two stitches every 7th row (ending with 110 st) I am fine with that, but I would like to have a ribbed cuff and slowly increase up. I checked Ravelry and I couldn’t find something similar. Anybody have an ideas on how many stitches to start with or how many to add?

This is such a pretty dress. I’ve looked at it before.
The sleeve taper depends on your gauge and how tight you want the wrist to be. You might cast on some number of sts (say about 30-40) and work in rib to give yourself an idea of the gauge in rib that you need. If the number cast on works for you then just continue.
Then you can work on how to increase from there. I like to increase about 4-6 rows into the sleeve and then continue increasing every so many rows. You can increase to mid forearm and then probably join with the increases given in the pattern for the remainder of the sleeve.
Take good notes on how you do this so that you can repeat for the second sleeve.

Thanks for the advice- (I always knit them at the same time flat on circular) :wink:

Yes, knitting them two at a time is the best method for keeping the sleeve shaping the same.