Sleeves too short!

Just finished Icelandic jumper, only to discover sleeves are too short! How can I lengthen the sleeves, without taking the whole jumper apart?
Knitted in round, cuffs on 4x2 ended needles

If you havr already binded off i think the easiest way to make yhem longer is to pick up sts and continue working to thr length that you want it to be. Csn you provide a link or the name of the pattern?

Did you knit them from the shoulder or the cuff? If you knit from the shoulder and bound off the cuff then you can remove the bind off and put them back on the needles and make them longer. I did this once and it works fine. If you knit from the cuff up you can still take out the cast on and put them on the needles, but it’s harder and and may not look exactly the same. Not sure about that though. OR you can pick up the stitches and just lengthen.

I started at the cuff, so think my best solution will be to just elongate the cuff, may look a bit odd, but better than sleeves that are 1" too short! Annoying, especially as it’s for someone else, but a really odd and old pattern from a magazine so think it will be going in the bin!

Petra Merriman

I have used this method to lengthen or shorten sweaters and sleeves. I suppose it depends on how daring you want to be. It does work very well.

You would cut at the end of the cuff, extend the sleeve and reknit the cuff. This video from Eunny Jang helps too.

You could make them long enough to fold up so any join of new stitches really won’t show if they fold enough.