Sleeves too short?

My pattern says to knit the sleeves until they measure 20.5". I was looking at the sizing chart (standard body measurements) on this site which says that for someone with a 36" chest, they should measure 25.5" from shoulder to wrist. Now will this make the sleeves too short if I knit to 20.5"?

Is this for a man or a woman?

One thing to consider too, is the style of the sweater. If it’s a drop shoulder–the top of the sleeve is straight across, it won’t really go all the way up to the shoulder anyway. 25 inches is way too long in my opinion, for woman’s sleeve. Measure one of your own.

it’s a men’s sweater i’m knitting. in that case, is 25.5" still too long? unfortunately i don’t have a sweater that fits him to measure.

:thinking: A lot depends on how far the shoulder comes down. I would go to and look at a variety of men’s sweater patterns to get an idea of what the general concensus is. 20.5, in this case, seems kind of short since that’s the measurement for a woman’s sweater sleeve I’m knitting now.

I’d see what other patterns do.