Sleeves Sirdar 1815 :(

Hello guys and girls!
Where to start… Right i have a Sirdar Pattern 1815. I am currently just begining the sleeves. i have a set pattern of 8 rows (below) and also some more instructions after. I am doing the largest size highlighted in pink.
1st Knit
2nd Purl
3rd Inc in 1st stitch K2 [4;4;1;[COLOR=“Magenta”]4[/COLOR]], p1 *k3,p1, repfrom 8 to last 3 [5;5;2;[COLOR=“magenta”]5[/COLOR]] sts, k1 [3;3;0;[COLOR=“magenta”]3[/COLOR]], inc in next st, k1.
21 [25;29;31;[COLOR=“magenta”]37[/COLOR]] st
4th Purl
5th knit
6th purl
7th (inc in next st) 1 [0;0;0;0]times, k1 [4;4;1;4], p1, *k3, p1 rep from * to last 2 [4;4;1;4]sts, k0 [4;4;1;4] (inc in next st) 1 [0;0;0;0] times, k1 [0;0;0;0].
8th purl
23 [25;29;31;[COLOR=“Magenta”]37[/COLOR]]

the following information:
From 1st to 8th row sets position of patt. keeping in continuity of patt as set (throughout) inc 1 st at each end of o [3rd;3rd;1st;[COLOR=“magenta”]5th[/COLOR]] and every foll 0 [0;0;6th;[COLOR=“magenta”]10th[/COLOR]] row to 23 [27;31;39;[COLOR=“Magenta”]43[/COLOR]] sts working inc in pattern.
Cont without shaping until sleeve measures 6 [8;12;15;[COLOR=“magenta”]17[/COLOR]]cm ending with ws row.

  1. My first issue is do i have to increase 1st at each end on every 3 row in 8 row pattern?
  2. according to the last bit of info i have to increase 1st at each end on the fifth and every following 10th row?

If both of these issues are correct i will have reach 43 sts on my needle before I even get to the tenth row?

3 also on the seventh row there is no increases? just the pattern?

Argh help me please!!

Keep the pattern of knit and purl sts and the rows of knit and purl but not the increases in the 8 row pattern. Only do the increases at each end on the 5th row (increase 2sts total) and then every following 10th row (increase 2 sts on every 10th row) until you have 43sts.

Ah i see, so should i do the increase on row 3 just for the [I]first[/I] time round and then ignore it for the rest?
Thanks very much that makes more sense!!
j x

I think that’s right; try it and see how it works.

Worked perfectly as i wrote it on on a bit of paper it worked out i did it every 10th row. but sounded so much more difficult on the pattern. Thanks:hug:

Great! Writing it out helps me, too to see where I should be increasing or decreasing. It’s especially helpful when there are two sets of directions going on at the same time, for example on some cardigan fronts or raglan sweaters