Sleeves Pattern Confusion

Knitting a sleeve for a jumper first time and I can’t seem to understand the instructions, it feels like something is missing…

As follows:

Currently have 40sts

Inc 1 at at each end of next and 13 (13:14:14:14:14:15:16) foll 8th rows.
68 (68:70:72:72:76:82:84) sts

Please help, this has me stumped!


Which size are you making?

The smallest adult women size

For the first size, increase at each end of the next row. That’s 2 sts increased. Call that row 1 and then inc at each end of rows 9,17,25,33,41,49,57, etc until you’ve increased 14 times total and have 68sts.

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So it means to increase every 8th row for 13 times after the first time? :sweat_smile:

You’ve got it!

Thank you! :slight_smile: