Sleeves only knitting pattern, that could stay up?

I don’t like showing off my arms (I have a slight sun allergy, and don’t like having to put on new sun screen every few hours :lol: ), and I remembered an old friend mentioning once, in passing, that there was a cool knitting project that was arms only, no sweater.

And I thought it was awesome, but she doesn’t have a clue where she saw it, and I’m not that great with knowing anything about knitting patterns more complicated than a scarf or a pair of socks.

Can anyone help? Does anyone have a clue how to knit them so that they would stay up, and not need to be pulled up constantly? I was thinking of finding an arm pattern, and then maybe knitting two straps to it so that the arms kept themselves up, and attached to each other under the shirt, but I wasn’t sure how that would work.

It sounds like she might have been talking about Cleaves. :shrug:

I remember seeing a pattern in a magazine for long, lacy sleeves that went from the wrist to upper arm, and was held up by adjusting the fit with a ribbon. I think they were made with Kidsilk Haze or something very similar. I find out what issue that was if you want.

Cleaves is probably the one she saw. Or you could do just about any of the shrug patterns that are essentially sleeves with just a little bit across the upper back/shoulders.


Yes, Cleaves! Thank you!