Sleeves on sweater instructions help please

I’m not understanding this… This is how the pattern reads:

Sleeves - using the smaller needles, cast on 48 sts. Work in k 1, p 1 rib for in inch. Change to the larger needles and begin working stockinet st. Work 10 rows, ending after working in a p row.

Increase row - k 2, inc, k to within 4 sts. of end of row, inc, k 3.

Continue to work as established, increasing every 6th row until there are 80 sts. Work even on these sts. until sleeve measures 18 ins. from cast on edge. Bind off loosely. Repeat for other sleeve.

My question is… Where it says to increase every 6th row, Do I go back and do the stockinet st. for 5 rows and then do the increase row, stockinet st. for 5 rows then do the increase til I get to 18 inches? Did that make any sense? LOL.
Thanks in advance

What you do is, you increase on the 6th row after the first row you increased on, the 6th row after that one, and so on.

For example, say you increased on row 10.

Then you would increase on row 16 (6 rows after row 10).

Then you would increase on row 22 (6 rows after row 16).

And so on…

As you are doing your increases, just work in stockinette stitch as the pattern indicates

Once you’ve reached 80 stitches, you will just keep working in stockinette stitch until the sleeve is 18 inches long and then bind off.

Hope that makes sense!

yes that did make sense. Thanks.