Sleeves on baby sweater

Greetings! Is there any trick to the picking up of 2 stitches (under the arm) on the sleeve of this project. I haven’t used double pointed needles in almost 30 years. I divided the stitches on 3 needles & the trouble I am having is the underarm stitches. They are not tight enough. When I start how do attach the yarn to continue on the sleeves & then pick up the 2 stitches. Any advise?
Thank you!

If things are falling off dpns, then use a long circular with the magic loop method.
Or wrap rubber band on the ends of each dpn when not in use to keep sts from sliding off.

I think once you get a few rows worked, it won’t be such a problem.

I knit the sts first, then pick up the new sts. You can also pick up an extra one or 2 at the underarm to close the gaps then dec them on the next round.

You can use magic loop or traveling loop to use a longer circ instead of dpns.