Sleeves of cardigan - magic loop method

I’m planning to make a basic top down cardigan soon. The pattern says when the yoke is finished to do the sleeves on straight needles but I want to do both sleeves at the same time using the magic loop method just like is used for two socks at a time with the magic loop.

Has anyone done this? What length circular will I need? Is 40" long enough or should I get the 60"?

Thanks for whatever help you can offer.

I tried to do magic loop on one sleeve with a 32" needle. As the sleeve grew wider, I realized that 32" wasn’t long enough. So, I’m guessing that 40" would be too short to do both at the same time. I’d get the longer one to be cautious. :smiley:

I would also say 60 since 42 seemed barely long enough to me when I did a pair of socks on magic loop. If you happen to have interchangeable needles, most of them out there sell longer cables that will work with the set.

Thanks for confirming my suspicions. Actually I do own the Denise Interchangeable needles, but I can’t say that I’m interested in using them for this project. I’ve heard, though haven’t checked myself, that they don’t match the Addi’s in size and I’m thoroughly enamored with my Addies. Note, I have no connection to either product.

I would measure my Addi’s using a knitting gauge, and then find a needle tip pair in the set that matches it… regardless of “numbers”.

Thank you, I will definitely check needle size. I have several pair of Addi’s in various lengths . . . gosh it would be awful if I had to order more :lol: ! I look for excuses to buy more Addi’s from my favorite ebay dealer and this may just be the excuse I need. :lol: