Sleeves need some help, pls!

the pattern says to caston 28 work in st_stitch while increasing every 12th row 7 times until 42 inches…increasing leaving two edge stiches on either side can some break this down to english? Do I start the increase on the 12throw? it is purl row…do I purl one and then do a purl increase…work the row til the second to the last stitch and then do an increase and then purl the last stitch? How do I do the increase? Does it also mean to bascially do 12 rows 7xs…making essentially 84 rows? Oy!

It’s ok, calm down! :wink: It’s just sleeves.

Increase on rows 12, 24, 36, 48, 60, 72, 84.

Do a M1 increase in the space between the two edge stitches on each end of the sleeves. If you’d rather do the increases on the knit side, do them on row 11, 23, etc., it really won’t matter.

You can find video of the M1 increase here.

See? You had it all along.

Thank you for your reply. I will be starting the 12th row and it is a purl row…therefore to clarify your reply…I would purl one stitch and between the first and second stitch I would make a purl increase…Yes? No? How do I do the purl increase…the knit increase was great to see. However, I have already knit the 11th row and do not want to rip it out, so I will have to stay with the pattern and do the increases on the 12th row. would you mind clarifying and showing me how to do a purl increase? Many thanks!

I do purl increase is pretty much like the knit. Insert your needle into the bar between the stitches from back to front with the left tip and purl into the small front loop that’s created.