Sleeves Gone Wrong!

…but all is not lost, because I have my team of gurus here to help :muah:

I will be adding sleeves on to my first sweater by picking up stitches…I’ve had one redo and it wasn’t a big deal, just wanted the start of the round to be on the underarm, not the shoulder. On my second go, I found I was knitting [COLOR=“DarkRed”]reverse[/COLOR] stockinette on my DPNs, not stockinette…and now I’m having a “moment” and can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong…I should know this…please help me get back on track!

Much love!

Hi there… :slight_smile: When you picked up the armhole stitches, did you pick them up with the right side of the garment facing you, or the wrong side of the garment facing you?

Definitely right side- the shoulder and underarm seams are sewn, actually.

Are you working on the needles closest to you as if drinking from a cup or the needles furthest from you?

Furthest, actually…it’s the only way I can use DPNs comfortably.

That would do it, I believe… so if you want to continue to work on the dpn’s furthest from you, you would need to pick up the stitches around the sleeve with the wrong side facing instead of the right side?[I] is what I am thinking…[/I]

Hmmm no, then it would still have the pick up on the wrong side. You only use one needle at a time, so deosh, hold the sweater with the RS facing you and put the right needle into the edge right at the underarm. Then pick up that stitch and just work your way around the opening. After you have all the sts picked up, then you can turn the whole thing inside out and work the way you normally do, with the WS on the outside.

Yes, that’s it.

(Is this unusual, knitting with the needles furthest away? I really don’t find DPNs easy or comfortable, but I’m going to stick with them b/c they certainly have their place)

I will have to change the position of my hands, pick up the stitches on the inside, or purl the whole sleeve…“knit the knit side” applies any way you look at it…(sigh) Thanks again, all! :thumbsup:

Some people prefer to knit `inside out’ and others knit with the knit side on the outside. It only becomes a problem when you run into a situation like yours, and you just have to figure out a way around it.

Success! I am working with the needles closest and it’s going beautifully, even comfortably- who knew?

Incidentally, bamboo DPNs are a whole different animal than the metal ones I used to make my first hat, I could have screamed every time they slipped out on me. Bamboo rules!

Thank you, gurus! :hug: