Sleeveless top

I made this sleeveless top from Plymouth Fantasy Naturale. The pattern is from Creative Knitting Magazine. Even though the yarn is cotton, the top is not as light as I’d hoped and I don’t think I’ll want to wear it when it’s really hot out. However, it’s my first wearable item besides socks and it actually fits, so I’m pleased. I think it will be nice with jeans.

That’s beautiful work!

Way to go! :thumbsup:

Great job - that color is just stunning! :inlove:

great! I like the color too!

:cheering: :cheering: BEAUTIFUL!!! I love the top, the color, everything :thumbsup:

Thanks for the compliments. :smiley:

I was thinking about making that, too! It came out beautiful!

Very pretty. Love the color and, yes, perfect for jeans!

Gorgeous!! I bet it will look great on you with some jeans!

That is really pretty, Rachel! But where are the modeling shots?? :smiley:

[color=blue]WOW! Well done!
What perfect tension you have. [/color]

I am impressed that a) it is beautifully done and b) that it fits!! Getting an adult garment to fit exactly the way I want it to is a concept that continues to elude me. :oops:

:heart: :heart: :heart: IT!

oh it’s gorgeous! Well done!

That is just stunning! :inlove:

And yeah, why aren’t you modeling it for us?! :wink:

Thanks again for the compliments. Why didn’t I model it ? Hmmm, nobody was home to take my picture, and the picture in the mirror trick didn’t work. Besides I’m too shy… :blush:

Well, we’ll let you off on the first two excuses, but shy?! Don’t be shy! We want to see your loveliness! :inlove:

Beautiful! :inlove: :thumbsup:

very nice!