Sleeveless top measuring dilemma

Hi all, so I’m not an experienced knitter (yet!) and have never made any clothing for myself. I’m not interested in making a sweater since I live in New Orleans and would rather make sleeveless tops. I’d love to make one, but it seems all top patterns go by your bust measurements. Well, I am slender with a small frame but am naturally busty. If I go by my bust measurement alone, won’t the garment hang like a sack on me? I’d appreciate y’all help on this. Thank you!

Most patterns aren’t written to include short rows for bust shaping but that’s probably the best way to custom fit a top pattern. The short rows create horizontal bust darts. Here’s a description and method for calculating them:

And here’s another calculator

Thank you, salmonmac, that’s a big help.
I’ve never done short rows or darts before but I can practice first on some scrap yarn. : )

There are many different ways to do short rows, wrap & turn, shadow short rows, Japanese short rows and German short rows. I’ve come to like German short rows but take a look at some videos and see what appeals to you.

Wow, salmonmac, I didn’t realize there were different ways to do short rows. I think I’m gonna first try the German method. I’ve looked at several videos of different ways to do short rows and the German type seems to appeal to me as well. I appreciate your help. : )