Sleeveless shrug

I was at a fiber festival today and almost every booth was selling a knitting sleevelss shrug. They all appeared to be from the same pattern which would lead me to believe it was posted free somewhere. I did a ravelry search and didn’t see what I was loooking for. One lady mentioned the pattern may have been in Knitters magazine…Any thoughts? I think I am going back tomorrow and will take my camera so I can snap a picture.

Was it one of these?

ETA: Oh! I found this one in Knitter’s Magazine on Rav.

Here’s a link to the summer issue, maybe you can find it there. Used to be you could get to the current and past issues, but I’m not finding that link.

Jan - it does look very much like the Peony knits circular shrug you linked to :cheering: !! I went back to the fiber festival today and would believe the battery in my camera died after one alpaca picture - ugh. Anyway, I may have to give the back some shaping as I will need to make it a little bit bigger to go around my chest and I don’t want the back to be too baggy…

I know someone who made a similar one recently, too. They’re pretty cool. :thumbsup:

I’ve always liked that one, but don’t think I’d look so good as I’m pretty busty. And my body is short from shoulders to hips, as well as getting thicker in that area. I may do one someday just to see how it turns out.

I’ve been looking through sleeveless shrug patterns, too. In addition to the ones listed, I also found this one:

The sleeves are minimal but you could eliminate or shorten them.

I have a friend who has the cutest mass produced sleeveless shrug and I can’t find a pattern like what is in my head. :frowning:

Bambi - that one is pretty cool too. I just really like the big “collar” look to the circular one. I wear vests all the time to help keep me warm without making my shoulders/arms feel restricted. I am pretty tall and have wide shoulders so many mass produced jackets don’t fit me…hence I have moved to vests. I know I could make a shrug that would fit me and I plan to…but right now I am hung up on this vest.

Jan, I love that shrug in Peony Knits–but I don’t see a link to the pattern. Do you have any thoughts on where to find it?

If you go to the main page of her blog, there’s a link on the right side to the pdf. There’s also a link for another of her ideas, the Anthropologie capelet, which is really a shrug/bolero sweater.

Yeah, Sue found it. Some blogs drive you nuts that way. :lol:

You’d think they’d carry over the links to the ‘inside’ pages and not just have them on the main page.